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August 2017

Encouraging enjoyment in reading

There’s no doubt about it, Year One has a strong reading focus. With teaching phase 5 phonics and aiming for your class to pass the phonics screening check; it’s impossible to escape the pressure of creating 30 avid readers! So… Continue Reading →

Setting up an appropriate reading area in Year One

Ahh the reading corner, often the most neglected area of any Key Stage 1 or 2 classroom. But this area has the potential to unlock so many different skills when included in your continuous provision! Here’s a look at my… Continue Reading →

Skills learned in the construction area

So I’ve written about how to set up an effective construction area in my previous post. Now I’m going to tell you why you should include this area in your continuous provision by explaining exactly what the children are learning…. Continue Reading →

Creating an effective construction area

The construction area is often a popular area of provision for all children. This area allows you to be the ultimate creator, you can build anything you want from a sports car to a fairy house. What’s not to love?… Continue Reading →

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