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September 2017

How to ‘fit in’ continuous provision

Continuous provision sounds great when you first learn about it. Child-led learning, development of all the skills needed to succeed and confidence building all packed into one. But then you look at your timetable and realise there are so many… Continue Reading →

A letter to my NQT self

Dear NQT, You have worked so hard to get to this point. A three year full time degree and a part time job definitely took you on a rollercoaster! Now you’re heading into your NQT year and there’s a few… Continue Reading →

Why you should have continuous provision in Year One

We’ve all seen the countless threads debating whether provision should be continued into Year 1. The same questions are asked time and time again: are we slowing down progress if we have provision? If we use provision, how long it… Continue Reading →

Resourcing your maths area in Year One

This area is probably the area that changes the most throughout the year. When our children come to us in Year 1 they’re equipped with the knowledge of numbers to 20 and some practical addition and subtraction skills. The progress… Continue Reading →

My favourite displays 2017/18

This year I’ve moved to a much much bigger classroom (I think I earned it last year!) I’ve got loads more displays and wall space! So I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at some of my favourite displays… Continue Reading →

Cursive handwriting Families – letter formation sheets

*FREE* cursive handwriting sheets organised into letter families: ladder letters, caterpillar letters, one-armed robot letters and zig-zag monster letters. Great for supporting the development of cursive handwriting. Once the children know how to form the letters they could be put… Continue Reading →

Creating a purposeful art area

Ahh the beloved art area. The marmite of continuous provision. Creative teachers love them and are probably in them as much as the kids. Others gasp at the thought of allowing children access to sequins and glitter unaided by an… Continue Reading →

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