This is simply what it says on the tin! It’s phonics combined with hook-a-duck. You’ll need a tuff spot, glass beads for the bottom (optional), a hook-a-duck game (I bought mine from B&M at the end of the summer when it was reduced), a whiteboard pen and a score board.

How to play

. Use the fishing rod to catch a duck

. Read the word on the bottom

. Check the score board to see how many points your duck is worth

. When the game is finished use a calculator to add up each players points

. The player with the most points wins!

I used a whiteboard pen to write on the bottom of the ducks. When it’s dry it’s waterproof but it can be removed easily with a baby wipe! The children really enjoyed this game. With some careful modelling they were able to play together independently without spilling any water (bonus!), whilst revising their phonics sounds!