Hello and welcome!

My name is Hollie and I am a Primary School teacher from Yorkshire in the UK with experience of teaching Early Years and Key Stage One. I have taught for about four years at two contrasting schools. I am currently teaching in Year One and enjoying our journey with continuous provision. At first I found the balance between covering the National Curriculum and learning through play a challenge to manage. Through experimentation I have found a happy medium that supports the children’s development and satisfies the need for evidence.

I was inspired to start a blog after joining a Facebook group focused on Key Stage 1 provision. I quickly realised that there are lots of teachers out there working towards this approach but there wasn’t much guidance/inspiration available online that was specifically targeted at Year 1. My teaching is not perfect and I am not here to preach, just to simply share my journey with continuous provision with you all and hopefully offer some support to those teachers who are new to this approach. I started out as a trained KS1/2 NQT with my first job in Early Years, I understand how challenging it can be to wrap your head around a completely different approach!

I’m hoping to connect with other educators passionate about play based learning through this blog and aim to create a discussion about Year 1 provision! I hope you enjoy the posts as the year progresses. Please feel free to comment and follow me on social media.

Thank you.