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Pumpkin Maths

It’s that time of year where social media is flooded with autumnal images and is it just me or is there an influx of pumpkin photos this year? So I started thinking about how we could use this seasonal vegetable… Continue Reading →

Subtraction SMASH!

This is so quick and easy to set up! Simply make some play dough (recipe on my Pinterest page here), use some different coloured chalk pens to write differentiated questions on the tuff spot and away you go! Begin by… Continue Reading →

Deconstructed small world

This small world area is inspired by our English focus on Journey stories. We follow the talk for writing approach and our focus text was Mr Gumpy’s Outing. The small world area played a big part in supporting the innovation… Continue Reading →

Phonics hook-a-duck

This is simply what it says on the tin! It’s phonics combined with hook-a-duck. You’ll need a tuff spot, glass beads for the bottom (optional), a hook-a-duck game (I bought mine from B&M at the end of the summer when… Continue Reading →

Number SNAP!

A fantastic enhancement to introduce children to comparing numbers before using the language of more than and less than. How it works: . One child uses the crocodile puppet . Two other children have a stack of number cards …. Continue Reading →

Exploring where we live

This enhancement was used with focus groups for a topic lesson. The children were provided with a range of maps to explore. We began by looking at the United Kingdom and its cities. To start the children off I asked… Continue Reading →

Feely Boxes

A brilliant writing enhancement. I got so many fantastic adjectives out of my class with this enhancement. You will need some tissue boxes and something to fill them with. I changed the contents around throughout the week to keep the… Continue Reading →

Phonics Cups

This has easily been the most popular enhancement so far this year! The children have affectionately named it the pom-pom game. You will need some cups (I got these funky looking monster ones from the pound shop), a marker pen… Continue Reading →

Phonics Spy

Another really quick and easy enhancement to set up. All you need is some really small text. I went for Phase 3 phonics sounds as this is what we were covering. But you could have tricky words or words all… Continue Reading →

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