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Provision in KS1


KS1 Provision

Key Stage 1 Provision.

Creating Calm in the Classroom

Check out my latest blog post over on KSEY consultancy’s page! KSEY is run by the lovely Kimberly, make sure to check out all of her fabulous training opportunities whilst you’re there! To read the post hit the link below!… Continue Reading →

Getting started with a continuous provision approach in Key Stage One

The most frequent question I’m asked by other teachers is usually a paraphrased version of: I like the idea of continuous provision, but where do I begin? The prospect of migrating an entire new approach into your Key Stage One… Continue Reading →

Why I no longer ‘fit in’ continuous provision.

It doesn’t take a genius with a social media account to see that having continuous provision in Year One is definitely starting to spread as a trend across schools in England and it’s great because as anyone with an Early… Continue Reading →

Effective transition into Year One – a book review!

I finished reading ‘Effective transition into Year One’ by Alistair Bryce-Clegg last summer. Since then I’ve had had a full year of running provision in Year One, so now I feel like I’m in a place to review this book… Continue Reading →

What I learned from visiting St John’s C of E Primary School

Back in December I had the pleasure of visiting St John’s C of E Primary School in Bradford. You have probably seen their facebook page ‘Continuing provision into Key Stage One’ and may have read the guest blog post on… Continue Reading →

Developing an engaging writing area

The writing area is surrounded in controversy. Should we have one? Alistair Bryce- Clegg suggests that we don’t! Are we putting children off writing by having a specific area for it? It’s often a difficult area to attract the children… Continue Reading →

How to ‘fit in’ continuous provision

Continuous provision sounds great when you first learn about it. Child-led learning, development of all the skills needed to succeed and confidence building all packed into one. But then you look at your timetable and realise there are so many… Continue Reading →

Why you should have continuous provision in Year One

We’ve all seen the countless threads debating whether provision should be continued into Year 1. The same questions are asked time and time again: are we slowing down progress if we have provision? If we use provision, how long it… Continue Reading →

Resourcing your maths area in Year One

This area is probably the area that changes the most throughout the year. When our children come to us in Year 1 they’re equipped with the knowledge of numbers to 20 and some practical addition and subtraction skills. The progress… Continue Reading →

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